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Its Hot!

Well, the last few days have been just awesome, the veiws are just outstanding. We started out from vancouver, navigating through the city was'nt too bad after spending a week there we sort of knew how to use the roads. The stop at Roberts Creek was cool, a easy first day riding, the camp ground was set in a big forest with loads of space, a table and a fire pit, perfect.  We also met 2 people that night who invited us for tea that evening, turns out they are both on the roadd this week after meeting up a week ago on crazy guy for a bike website, john, who has completed many tours and has retired on his bike! he has also cycled the pacific coast and Celene who has cycle all over and is about to head over to the Himalyas for a tour.  The second day riding got a little tough, big hills, hot sun and not so much to look at apart from trees (a bit enclosed) but towards the end it opend up and north b.c, the ocean and snow capped mountains were stunning, and to finish it off the ferry ride to Saltery Bay was cool.  Saltery Bay was a nice campsite which backed onto the ocean and a small cove called Mermaid Cove where we rested our tired legs. Next day we woke early and hit the road to catch our next ferry to Vancouver island, the ride got more interesting, better views and easy on the legs, the last section seem to drag alittle as we were both starving by that point. Another ferry ride over to Denman island and we are now off the coast of Vancouver island and camping at the strangest guest house (a propper hippy camp) its awesome although its like somthing out of a horror movie, but its got wifi and a shower.