Kit List

got here in 1 piece, just about!

Well, after a relaxed flight from London (apart from FeFe having a little stress!) and fe got an upgrade to business, its who you know! (captin Burrows) we got to Vancouver around 3 am, 6pm there time.   The bikes and kit arrived apart from my bike, it arrived and then its box after! surprisingly all the bits were there, as for fe's bike, the headset some how broke so had to get a new one!

Scott came and picked us up from the airport, which was very aquatic, like a aquarium back home! you get a right grilling on your way out, the security guys didn't seem to have a sense of humour! So, we met Scott and Penny who i hadn't seen for ages and they are kindly letting us stay with them for the week.

So far its been awesome here, very different, chilled and friendly way of life, the views are amazing and we had a little taste of whats on offer.  Me, Scott, fe and scotts friends leon and scott went up north to squamish and hike a cool trail up a mountain called 'the chief', an awesome place made up of 3 very large rock faces, some amazing climbing to be had! The hike was interesting going up through some redwood forest climbing big slabs, ladders and chains on the way, hitting the summit a few hours later to reveal some awesome views across B.C. and....chipmunks are amazing :-)

Today, 30th we had a nice chilled day, cruising round Vancouver city. We headed west and followed some of the coastal bike paths, the city is surprising easy to ride after first impressions of it being a little crazy on the roads with some odd traffic signals.....still not sure who has the right of way! 

Plans for the next couple of days is to head further north for an over-nighter, and maybe snowshoeing, depending on conditions!