Kit List

Vancouver & North B.C


The wait at the airport
FeFe making the days lunch

Scott one arm bouldering due to broken hand!
Summit of the chief, Stawamus
FeFe Climbing on the chief
Cycling around Vancouver
Fe stuffing her face at Best Burrito

On 30th we headed out to Squamish B.C where me Fe, Scott and Penny camped at Stawamus chief Camp ground.  Our original plans changed due to poo weather, we headed up to Whistler and hiked a nice trail to Brandiwayn Falls which was a cool site. After a couple hours hiking we had lunch and went into the village at Whistler.  Whistler is a cool alpine village with loads of biking, 1 of the best downhills around.
Brandywane Falls Squamish B.C
Canada Day

On the 1st we headed much further north, got off the main highway and took a dirt track for about 40km to a awesome camp ground called Skookum Chuck hot springs.  This site was basic but cool, plenty of space, wood fires, set in woodland next to a huge glacier fed river and to top it of it had natural hot springs! We just chilled, drank beers and soacked in the springs!

Skookum Chuck Camp Site
Skookum Chuck Hot Springs

Friday was a great day, just how you would imagine Canada. We hit a trail upto Joffre Lakes, 3 lakes each one getting higher up to the mountains, the last and the best was fed by a glacier, the views were awesome and well worth the treck in.
Joffre Lakes

Black Bear!

The past few days have been awesome and to top it of we saw a black bear on the way back to Vancouver, its been an awesome few days thanks to Scott and Penny for showing us around!