Kit List

At Crescent City we had a well needed rest.  We explored the very silent city, and indulged in a night at the cinema,  we watched Inception which was ace!  The next days riding was awesome, from Crescent city we had 3 huge climbs up through the Crescent hills and 1 of the best descents we have had yet.  After a steep climb we started to head down through the Red Wood State Park.  The decent lasted for several miles through some of the biggest trees we have ever seen, some around 300 feet tall and 17 feet in diameter and 2500 years old, it was amazing!  That night we camped in the state park at Elk Prairie camp ground which was surrounded by Red Wood trees and grazing Elk.  We shared a camp fire and beers with a group of tourers in the evening, twins heading north, a hiker who has walked from Florida and Gary who has cycled 4000 miles in two months.

We are currently in a camp ground just outside Arcata, a strange cool hippy town and sub zero for California weed! everyone seems chilled! Tonight we are going to eat ice cream and jump in the hot tub!