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We are in California!

Since Bandon our last blog the last few days of Oregon have been awesome,  some hard climbs but some great decents along side some impressive coastel views.  We managed Oregon without a day off so now sat down having a day off the bike in California is nice, nice to rest the legs and ass!

The last section of the Oregon coast was stunning,  some impressive cliffs and sea stacks, more windy bridges and lots of wildlife including a Skunk that Fe watched wondering around our tent in the early hours.  The weather has been damp though, lots of heavy sea fog rolls inland in the evening and just does'nt burn up as it has previously, not a bad thing though, just part of the coastal climate.  We have met some nice people 1 girl of 14 who's riding the coast with her dad and another guy of 77 years old riding the same route fully loaded!

We are now in California and the scenary is already different, we are in the red wood area now, huge trees and the place where star wars, e.t and jurassic park were filmed, tommorow we ride the red wood highway!