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Good By Washington Hello Oregon

The last few days of Washington were interesting, the roads got more fun to ride with some big climbs and some great decents! The last few days of Washington had a very coastal feel about them, lots of fishing villages and lots of seafood.  We have been eating out loads in some cool locals bars with drunk Local fisherman, great fun and good food! I have had a real language barrier with local americans, they mostly think we are Canadian or Australian! whats that about!?  But most have been right.

Crossing the boardedr was fun,  after a nice ride for the last day of Washington we probley had the most interesting part, cycling the Astoria bridge!  The Astoria bridge is a 4.2mIle long bridge with a huuuuge climb right at the end, as well as the climb we had to battle the strong winds and massive R.V Campers.  So we made accross and went into Astoria for breakfast.  We had an American breakfast as Fe said they are awesome and me being english didnt get the syrup thing but it is awesome and it just somehow works!

So we are in Oregon now and it is just stunnig, it is everything we were waiting for.  The coastline is big and rugged with masive climbs on the edge of the cliffs with some impressive views.  The weather is different again in Oregon, sunny and hot in the day with a nice tailwind which in some case was so srong it blew us up the hills apart from one time when the wind was funneld down the last tunnel right into our faces making the tunnel really hard to ride along side all the r.v campers and trucks! In the evenings some days the sea fog rolls in and is really dense and cold.

We have cycle some massive hills and some awesome decents in oregon, it seems to get more and more hilly as we go south.  As we followed the coast we headed in land past some big forrest and a place called Sand Lake, a huge area of sand dunes and what seems to be a sand lake in the forrest, a great days riding and also the day we had no food and only found 1 shop so in a town with a population of 25, so it was crisps and chocolete that day!

 So far Orgon has been great, great riding, and great roads which are well suited to cyclist and great camp grounds which mostly cost $10, bargain!  We have met some nice people and seen some cool wildlife including all the sea lions and seals on the coast and the abundance of birds who poo stain the rocky islands white.

We have got around 100 miles left of Oregon and we will be in California and from what people have said we are looking forward to the Red Woods!