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In The U.S.A

 Farewell Canada!  the last few days of Canada were great, good views, hot weather and some nice little islands.  Right about the time we left Naniamo i hurt my foot, not sure what but it was painful.  We headed out to a realy nice camp ground right on the beach, we chilled out, went for a dip and met some other tourers, 1 couple who originally came from manchester 20 years ago and now live in Vancouver, and a couple from Calafornia, Rob and Evelyn who are well established cycle tourers!

The last few days were nice, cruising the gulf islands in the sunshine on the suprisingly bendy roads before our last camp and we left for the USA border.
Ok, we are now well into the usa, things are totally different compared to Canada. First it got colder as we crossed over on the ferry and getting on the ferry was fun with the strict Amercian border control, they demanded an address!  As we don't have an address we gave them the closest camp ground.

On entering the US my achilles tendon got a little worse, and a little more swollan to the point  where I counld'nt really walk let alone ride so we had to catch the bus for some of the route, a right bummer but turns out it was a dull part anyhow.  We changed busses at aberdeen where after seeing  a guy that looked like jesus we were sat outside the bus station and watched a guy walk into a grocery store and rob it! a classy place hey!

Washington state is called the everygreen state, very damp, wetlands all around with lots of wildlife with some nice veiws of the ocean, yesterday (14th) we saw a young cayote walking right out in front of Fe.

As we are getting further and further south the veiws are getting better, and so is the riding.  We have stayed in some nice camp grounds, the best being a $10 site with great veiws of the ocean. We have seen some really random towns, towns that have been forgotten with really random but pleasant people.

So far we are both getting into tent life, and my ankle is slowly sorting itself out thanks to all the ice available! Washington is getting more and more interesting and we are close to the Oregon border!