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Doing The Syrup Thing

Since leaving San Fran California has been very different.Our first stop was a camp ground at half moon bay, an easy ride, very foggaay again, we met another tourer called paul who was from new zeland, he arived in the usa in november last year and clocked up 12,000 miles and was now back round on the same route again! We stayed with paul for a few days, he was interesting guy who was well travelled.  The next few days were interesting, first we headed through santa cruz which was a good idea but turned out to be a nightmare to navigate and was way too busy so we didnt stop too long before heading out to camp.

The next day was easy, very flat riding on our way to Monterey bay. On our approch about 10miles out we met a cyclist called Larry who gave us a guided tour through an unknown route to the bay, Larry was full of info and guided us to the camp ground after taking us to some nice veiwing spots off the planned route.  Monterey was a cool little town, not too big with a sea front.  There was a big car show on that weekend to, it had a good atmosphere and some nice cars driving around, we stayed for a day and cycled the bike route along the sea wall.

After monterey the terrain changed, we enterd the Big Sur area of the coast, the caost road followed the cliff edge with some bigger climbs and some amazing scenery, very rugged rockey cliffs dropped to sandy beaches and a bright blue sea. it was an awesome ride with some of the best veiws on this section of coast. We also encountered a rather cheeky racoon who got the food bag out of the tent in the night and tried to rip into it, on being caught it just sat there staring at dan as if...crap, ive been rumbled...cheeky little bugger.

The weather has improoved considerably as we start getting even further south, the elephant seals on the beaches are an amusing road side watch as they flop up the beach and throw sand over each other. We have had a nice chilled day in Cambria where we started the day doing the syrup thing with Dave who we met a couple of days ago, Dave is a cool guy from Burkley and he is riding to San Dieago. Next stop Morro bay, hopefully there will be less hobos in the campsites!