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The L.A Stretch

So, the riding and the scenery has changed getting further south.  From San  Simeon were we had a day off with some crazy hobos (A large problem in the south as its more populated) and a naughty squirrel who ripped the tent to get to our food bag...ate ur food and then had a poo and a wee before running off...BUGGER. We had an easy few days riding over to Moro bay, where we had another day off (due to being ahead of time we are having many days off!)  We had a nice site all to ourselves for 2 days. Morro bay was a nice little sea side town, built around 9 rocky hills which are called the nine sisters and are volcanic plugs. we had a nice day looking around and chillin out.

The next few days the riding got hot through inland sections before we hit some of the hardest climbs on the trip, not because they were high, but because of the crazy heat, physically it was very demanding.  After an eary start of 8am it was roasting, we headed through some hot flat desert like ares and through some mexican towns, 1 called Guadalupe, where everything and everyone was mexican.  We then started our climbs, it was around 1pm and HOT! the climb went on forever, we had to stop to drink and eat in the shade every 10 mins.  After a hot hot hot sweaty tough climb we got to the top, with good veiws and an awesome descent, which was also hot! and finished the day in Lomopoc between mountains in a hot valley! had a day off which was aminly filled with internet, taco bell and budget cafe :-). The next days ride was the same but this time the climb was right at the sart so its was cooler. We headed up the 13mile climb before descending back to the cool foggy coast to a really nice cam ground with a palm tree lined beach, a place we would of just passed but it was suggested by carl the tourer from long beach, nice 1!

The next few days riding got interesting, it was much easier but becasue of our 7 extra days we had planned to camp 2 nights in state parks and explore the area, but due to the hobo problem there is now a 1 night limit and finding available accomodation over labour day weekend is impossible! so we had to re-think, we kindly got a host through warm showers called diane where we will stay a night and we got some good motel deals!

Next, it was alot of urban riding through some nice sandy beach cities, people biking on typical American cruisers, rollar-blading and volley ball on the beach (being played by super toned tanned people in small clothes! surprised dan didnt fall into the sand!!)

From Santa Babara we then cycled onto the L.A stretch, it was awesome. Very different from any other rides.  Starting at Malibu, through Venice, Manhatten beach and finally through L.A.  Everyone is in skimpy clothes, riding around with there getto blasters with there tunes on, very cliche! 
the dude on a trike with his tunes blasting out!

 its very busy and the weather is great! the ride was'nt as complicated as i had thought, there were lots of bike paths which run right through the middle of the beach for the best veiws! We are now in Longbeach where we are staying with Karen, Carls partner (Carl we met at Bodega Dunes) he is heading north on the same route, they kindly put us up for 2 nights, thanks guys! Next, more crazy city riding along the beaches! Roll on San Diego!
L.A in the distance!