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The Final Days After Longbeech

After our great few days chilling with karen in longbeach we hit the road for the last leg of our trip.From longbeach we cycle some more great bike paths along the coast through seal beach and huntington beach.  We enterd Orange County and headed to our hosts Dennis and Dine for the night at newport beach, they were great, really interesting people who were full of great stories from their bike touring trips. next we cycled through Laguna beach which turned out to be the worst place to bike on the entire trip, big mistake but it was en route.  There are just too many cars and all the drivers just had no bike sense and skimmed past us several times.  A very unsociable place with very different people compared to further north, safe to say it was the last time i'll be visiting Laguna!

After Laguna nightmare things calmed down and we headed to our camp, at Doheny state beach, we got to camp early so decided to check out the town, a nice little place, great weather and we got talking to a guy who helped Mark Beumont (world record cyclist) on his world record cycle trip.  He met him on the big sur section which we cycled a few weeks earlier.  We met a couple of guys who were just starting out there tour, we chatted in the evening had beers and remenised of our trip and what a great time they are going to have.

The next day we headed to Carlsbad where we chilled out for a few days, a nice little town on the coast which had an awesome bike shop, fully stocked with touring gear! Our last camp came next, we camped at san elijo state park which had some great veiws of the coast, then onto our final part of the trip.

An early start the next day we headed to Chula vista.  The ride was great, partly because we were so close to the border and greatly excited to get there.  We biked along the coast through a place called la jola and its also where the complicatied city navigating started!  La jola was a nice city, we also met another crazy hobo guy who just wouldn't stop talking to us about what he thought was going on in the world! next was a big point on the trip, San Diego. After a bit of navigating around the harbour we headed through the city. San Diego is a really nice, not too crowded and very clean. Out of all the citys San Diego was the best to ride through.

We got to our motel with some navigation issues and checked in for a few days.  The following day we loaded the bikes and head for our last loaded ride to the finish, the Mexican border.  After an easy  ride we headed through chula vista and a town called San Ysidro, a full on mexican town, everything and everyone was mexican!  The road got more and more busy as we approached the border, people in coaches, cars and on foot. The Mexican border, thus the end of our trip was nothing special, abit crazy...and llot of mexicans but it was a great feeling to of officially finished :)!

So, its been an awesome trip, the difference where we are at the end comperd to up north at the start in Canada is massive.  Its been hard at times but overall it was awesome.  We cycled around 2000miles and all with out any machanical faults, not even a punture! and only 1 set of tires... just!  We met some amazing people, some we will deffinately keep in touch with.  The hospitality was amazing, thanks to our hosts en route.

Its Been awesome..............time to start planning the next trip!